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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Health Benefits of Eating Okro based diets

HEALTH BENEFITS OF OKRO   (Abelmoschus esculentus)

Okro is a Vegetable that is widely consume as fresh or dried  okro. It is use in the preparation  of okro soup or draw soup (ogbono soup, Miyan Kubewa, Etighi  as known by some tribes).  Pumpkin leaves  are also prepared with okro soup and is always served with Eba(Garri), Amala, Pounded Yam or Fufu(Cassava) etc.

A sliced okro is mucilaginous in nature, resulting in the characteristic slime when the seed pods are cooked; the mucilage contains soluble fiber. Some people prefer to minimize the sliminess keeping the pods intact by  brief cooking, while others love it served with much slimness. The leaf is also edible and slime when cooked.


Compounds present in okro

A fresh Okro contains different percentage in concentration of Sugar, Dietary Fibres, Vitamins (Vitamins A,B,C,E and K), Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium,  Potassium, Zinc).

Health Benefits of Consuming Okro

Helps healthy sight

Benefits of eating okroVitamin A present in Okro is a fat-soluble vitamin  essential for normal vision; prevents night blindness, inflammation or dryness of the eyes .

Antioxidant Functiion

The antioxidant effect provided by the vitamins present in Okro plays a role in activating and maintaining the immune sytem, Clearing off reactive oxygen species (free radicals) from the body thereby helping to prevent unnecessary reactions with body tissues and cells, Preventing Aging and helping in the overall physiological function of the body.

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Function in Proper Tissue Growth and Repair

The Magnesium present  acts as an enzyme cofactor in over 400 biochemical reactions in the body helping in tissue development, energy production, healthy bones, proper muscle and nerves function, proper kidney function and overall healthy body While Calcium is required in bone and teeth developments, muscle contraction, cell signalling, blood clotting etc

   Good for Pregnancy Women

Folate present in Okro is a B vitamin that is required for synthesis of new tissues and helps in proper brain development during foetal growth

Function in Intestinal Motility

Okro mucilage acts as lubricant for intestinal tract hence enhancing the clearance of faeces easily.
The Dietary Fibre content of Okro helps in preventing colon cancer/diseases, constipation and also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. 
The mucilage can also be employed in production of thickeners and sterilizers when high viscosity is required in the pharmaceutical and food industries. 

    Anti-diabetic Function 

Okro also reduces blood glucose and lipid profile as this was concluded by researchers after an extract of Okro was administered to a group of induced diabetic rats which after sacrifice implicated a positive effects on the biochemical parameters and histological sections of the samples. 

   Antibacterial effect of okro

Polysaccharide composition of fresh okro has a strong inhibition to adherence of bacteria to the mucosal wall of the stomach making way for acidic content of the stomach to destroy the bacteria. A study suggested that this results from the three dimensional structure of the glycoprotein present in fresh okro. This antibacterial function can be employed during deworming process as was suggested by a study on Effect of Okro on Gastric and Intestinal Sanitization.


Other Mineral of Physiologic Importance present in okro

Potassium is an Important element present in Okro which plays a very important role in hormone secretion and action, glucose and insulin metabolism, hemostasis (acid base, electrolyte, fluid), systemic and blood pressure control. Okro as a vegetable is rich in Potassium and helps in prevention of hypertension and Hypokalemia