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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Environmental Pollution and Health

Solutions to Environmental PollutantsHumanity is exposed to all kinds of foods and drinks as part of its environment. Some of the foods of plant and animal origin are polluted by environmental aggressors and deeply contaminated by heavy metals, pesticides and pesticide residues, mycotoxins (aflatoxins) as well as obnoxious gases, organic matters and contaminated fertilizers.

Current challenges in medicine and the entire medical sciences is to carryout primary health care which will address quality food supply, human nutrition and minimization of contaminant in food. Most of these contaminants in have been shown to be responsible for myriad of diseases including various cancers (breast, cervical, kidney, gonadotrophic, lymphomas etc). several haemoglobinopathies, encephalitis, erythroblastosis fetalis and dental problems have been traced to infections from heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead, arsenium and mycotoxins.
Pesticide residues have been heavily implicated in breast cancers while air pollutants ( the oxides of NOx, Cox, SOx, NH3, CH4 and suspended particulate matter are known to cause cardiovascular disease as the enter the food. Pesticide residues and heavy metals are known to BIOACCUMULATE, BIOPERSIST, HIGHLY NON BIODEGRADABLE and EFFECTIVELY BIOMAGNIFIED in man who is at the end of the food chain.

In animal nutrition(meaning animal are source of protein for man) contamination of meat and meat product have also been established, this include beef, pork, poultry, fish, lamb and novel sources from wild ruminants which causes a lot of infections including Ebola.

Malaria treatments, typhoid infection, dysentery and diarrhoea, pneumonia and cough are some of the major challenges in chemotherapies though effective face challenges in addressing the gap on quick interventions in recovery of patients. Some of these gaps are nutrition based and therefore modern medical practices must combine nutritional education and combination chemotherapy in primary health care delivery systems. It must be emphasized that today’s medical doctors should educate a patient on nutrition for fast recovery and for well-being.

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This includes Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Chromuim, Arsenic.
Mercury occur virtually and fugitively in plant kingdom as bound Mercury or Methyl Mercury, common in West Africa and also in drinking water in Niger Delta region(Artisanal gold mining cause mercury to be present in the middle belt). Mercury cause erythroblastosis fetalis and encephalitis.

 In erythroblastosis fetalis mercury binds to Immunoglobulin M & I and cross the placenta thereby injuring the foetus in pregnant women leading to over bleeding and threatened Abortion a condition referred to as erythroblastosis fetalis. The light atomic weight of mercury and its molecular hybridization is also low causing it to easily be circulated in the body via aorta and damages the brain of young children, Altering the neural sensibilities and sensitivities causing poor IQ a condition referred to as encephalitis. Sources of Mercury in food – Roasted fish, meat and soya.
Cadmium causes damage in the heart of infant.

Chromium causes weak teeth and binds calcium inhibiting it from depositing in bone resulting in osteomalasia, arthritic syndrome and rheumatism.
Lead and Arsenic are common metals in vegetable and drinking water; they are the key element that causes hepatitis B of the liver and liver cirrhosis. Heavy metals are anti-nutrient to human nutrition.