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Thursday, 10 November 2016

10 reasons why you need to be checking food Product labels

Food Product Label
  • The label on your food (food labels) indicates when the product was produced and its expiring date; this information help you in understanding how long this product will last (shelf life) and how long you can store them in your lockers and refrigerators.

  • The storage conditions for each food are always provided on the label. The storage temperature for foods tells the temperature to which such food can be preserved. Some foods can be stored in very low temperature while others loss their palatability when stored longer in refrigerators.

  • The product also carries manufacturer’s name, point of package, a unique batch number and the approval information from national Food Administration Agency. This information provides the consumer with incite to whether the product conforms with food standard which is meant to guide and guarantee safety of consumer from such product usage.

  • The food labels provide you with information regarding presence of additives for example coloring agent, flavoring agent, sweeteners, adhesive agents and others. This information can be used for general research purposes.

  • The nutrient fact provides overview of the nutrient composition of the food and gives the consumer the opportunity to compare product with that from other manufacturers and to decide which to buy having the price differences and expected nutrients.

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  • It provides information on the nutrients present in the food. The value of nutrient is given in percentages and the percentage daily value for a nutrient gives a general knowledge of how much of the nutrient is present in the food and the total amount of the nutrient it can contribute to the body’s total daily requirement for such nutrient.

  • It provides information for people planning to reduce weight. Total caloric value of the food and fat (both saturated and unsaturated fats) content can be used in this regard to know which product to consume.

  • It provides information for patients who are allergic to certain substances which may be included in foods. the information on the food composition can be used by patients that suffer discomforts from consumption of certain substances. For example people who are allergic to milk products (lactose intolerance) can check for presence of milk, lactose and galactose on the food composition label so as not to mistakenly consume them.

  • It helps the consumer to be aware of some health risk that can be associated with consumption of such food. For example foods that contains caffeine and others which are implicated in some alteration of normal body performance and function.

  • The food label gives an approximate serving size; that is the amount per size of a packaged food. The consumer can employ this information in determining how much and when he needs to consume such food.
This is just few of the benefits that one is expected to gain from checking food labels. Please feel free contribute to this list via the comment box below or send us an email