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Before shopping for teddy toys for your kids you need to know about sudden infant death (SIDS), how teddy toys can cause SIDS

Samuel Sunday - 12:12:00

Children with Toys

How are teddy toys associated with children's health?

Teddy toys include all children’s toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials). They are Pretty looking and kids love having them and you cannot stop your kids when they yearn to have one. Before going to shop for teddy bears consider this few points as it concerns the healthy living of your children.

Baby with toy

Children within the early ages are faced with challenges of not being able to explain how they feel or avoid dangers as such it is the responsibility of the parents to get them out of all risk. To avoid sudden infant deaths (SIDS) resulting from the use of teddy bears, we suggest that

  • Teddy bears that are meant for infants should not  be big (hand held)
  • You should monitor the usage of these toys around home during high temperatures
  • You should not allow toys on bed as it can disrupt breathing
  • During sleep toys should not be allowed with the child

We advise you read our article on sudden infant death (SIDS) and how to reduce the risk of occurrence.

Please share this post with friends and families so that sudden infant deaths and other sleep related syndromes can be prevented.


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