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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Food labels your map to healthy nutrition

What is food label and how is understanding of food label a map that lead off to healthy nutrition?

Food label refers to tags, write-ups and labels found on packaged foods. it can also be called nutrient fact sheet or Nutrient label because it gives the approximate nutrient composition  of the food. It also shows other constituent of the food like the coloring agent, sources of fortified nutrients, flavoring agent and others. Apart from the other information that one should check out for is the manufacturing date and expiring date because these two dates provides information about the shelf life of the food. 

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Is it all expired foods that are hazardous to health?

Expired foods are potential killers but this does not mean all foods that are expired can kill, but they are expected to cause some toxicological effect that will affect the normal function (biochemistry and physiology) of the body.

Before the expiring date of the food is selected, the professionals (usually food analyst) have to forecast based on experimental procedures how long it will take the fatty component of the food to go rancid (spoil). When fats go rancid, it forms peroxide radicals that contribute to body’s oxidative stress by interacting with body tissues and infiltrating membrane components. 


Some foods have expiring date as far as a year of two ahead while others expires in just a matter of days, also some foods start deteriorating when it gets close to their expiring date while some can still look okay (though not medically okay) ; this differences in shelf life of foods depend on their constituents. Foods with high carbohydrate content stays longer than those of fat while protein rich foods stay for only a short period of time. Also the packaging for the food also tell how long the food can stay as can foods stay longer than foods wrapped with papers, foil or polyethylene packages.

Avoid Expired Foods and Products

To avoid disturbances or diseases arising from consumption of expired foods, the food laws guide and regulate production. food packaging, labeling, and shelf life to make sure the final consumers do not suffer harm. Therefore for healthy living, each individual is advised to check the expiring date, valid registration number (showing approval from Food regulatory agency).

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