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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to avoid Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related Infant deaths

Safe position for baby on bed

Sudden infant syndrome (SIDS) includes all sudden and unexpected infant death (SUID) and all sleep related deaths of infancy. 

Most death happens during the first six months of baby’s life while the cases reduce with increase age. This death occurs unexpectedly in healthy children across the globe and its increased occurrence has triggered many researches as to the curse of the death

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After autopsy investigations SIDS has been attributed to disruption in metabolism, heart failure, blockage of breath and others. Parents facing this tragic lose are left confused, depressed and guilty as the death cannot be explained.

Result also show that the causes of this death emanate from the infant being unable to tolerate adverse conditions in the environment as they have not yet developed proper regulating mechanisms and thus requires extreme monitoring and care from mother.  Also a higher occurrence was noticed in first time mothers and also mothers having many kids to care for during the childbirth.

 Causes of SIDS

The following are some things considered to have caused sudden infant deaths (SIDS) in new born babies;
  • Making infant to sleep on stomach position
  • Environmental pollution that interrupt breathing 
  • Mother smoking before and after childbirth
  • Making baby to sleep in soft mattress
  • Mothers less than twenty in age
  • Overheating from clothing or room (Rise in temperature)  
  • Lack of immunization (no prenatal and post natal care).
  • Low weight of baby and premature births
  • Leaving the baby for long without breastfeeding.

Treatments, cure and how to avoid  of SIDS

  Though is no cure for SIDS, the following tips can reduce the risk of sudden infant death (SIDS).
  • Make the baby to sleep on his or her back.
  • Make the baby to sleep in a firm mattress
  • Regulating body and room temperature
  • Keep the baby away from blankets and teddy toys to avoid covering face during sleep
  • Avoid smoking before and after birth (avoid environmental pollutants)
  • Breastfeeding is recommended
  • Let your baby sleep in your room, close to your bed, but on a separate surface designed for infant  for at least the first year