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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Physical fitness and your Health: How to acquire attractive and nice body shapes and curves

    Physical fitness, health and you

    Will you deny that good figures or shapes and curves are attractive and desirable?

    How does physical fitness contribute to healthy living?

    Physical fitness as the name implies is the ability or capability of one to remain fit when undergoing physical activities. This may include the shape, size, strength and overall condition of the body during physical activities. The need to remain physically fit goes beyond the feelings but encapsulate its contributions to emotional, physical, mental and overall physiological condition of the body. Will you deny that a good figure and attractive body parts are desirable? Physical fitness is crucial not because its physical implications are attractive but it is because it is the first indication of healthy living (well-being).

    When do some need physical fitness?

    It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people try to remain physically active when they want to take a physical test (like the army physical fitness test), or a disease condition requiring physical fitness to ameliorate the condition (Cardiovascular related disorders requiring cardiovascular exercise, respiratory disorders requiring aerobic fitness or exercise). When the aforementioned conditions becomes the major reason why one takes up physical or fitness programs, he or she may browse the internet looking for physical fitness programs, videos, workouts, articles and instructors or trainers because their need for physical fitness tends to be under compulsion.

    What causes differences in muscle growth, body shapes and size among people?

    The variation in how body parts develop and their shapes has created a lot of controversies within people around the globe. Medical researchers have helped to explain the reason behind this variability. The variability is dependent on hereditary (the inherited gene influence how tissues are synthesized) and other factors like Balanced dietphysical activeness (how much the muscles are exercised), good healthy habits (absent of drug abuse), absent of stress (emotional stress such as depression and others). Bad lifestyle or habits (like alcoholism and tobacco), emotional stress like depression and fatigue (loss of strength) can ruin health within a very short time, so for one not to get robbed of the health benefits of physical activity, one needs to escalate these detrimental factors

    Why should one decide training for physical fitness?

    still have a feeling of doubt that being physically fit is essential for healthy living? NO will be a chorus answer because everyone knows that before a person is pronounced healthy, physical health being is the first consideration as that is what the eye sees first.
    The attractiveness of an individual to a group of people because of his or her appearance; curves and shapes tells how admired being physically fit is. If you are not currently physically attractive, do not feel you are entirely odd in your society but rather work towards attaining your desires as you take up exercise and fitness programs and training without losing out of healthy diet that helps body building. Our suggestions has shown overwhelming outcome in body building and fitness for those yearning to attain maximum physical fitness.

    Benefits or importance of acquiring physical fitness

    The benefits of acquiring physical fitness are bountiful. In this article you will be made conversant with some of the benefits that one can derive from being physical fit.


    The skeletal system (bones) of the body provides supports and balance to an individual. It does not do this alone but in association with muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves (network of the body). During physical activity like playing football, basketball, running, dancing, riding, jumping and other similar physical activities, one develops a balance depending on the type of activity one engages in. the body develop balance to perform a particular task better over time. It requires consistency and more work to benefit from this.


    Legerity is the gracefulness of a person to react quick and nimble; hat is being physically fit helps one to react quickly during activities like physical exercises. Legerity can also be regarded as agility in physical activity as this can also help in fast rescue during emergency with the least possible risk. From incidences, people who are physically fit tend to escape accidents (very agile) than those with less physical activity.


    Physical fitness can help one to be flexible that is moving body parts easily without pains or inconveniences. Being flexible can help one to bend,  jump and do everything effortlessly because of tissue flexibility provided by regular exercise.    

    Strength and Power

    For anyone to be able to carry out any activity, one must possess the energy required to carry out such task. The energy is loaded in the muscle tissues of the hand legs and other parts, these parts are used to carry out such activity. If the muscle tissue of these parts lacks the strength required, the tissue will remain inactive and feeble. Power is what is required to release the energy embedded in these tissues. It takes power to spring and perform high jumps, long jump and to perform gymnastics and stunts. It is the force that moves the parts to perform these tasks. Consistent exercise is what builds this power. Exercise regularly!!!


    A trained body acquires much endurance after time. Endurance ability is accumulated while performing physical task over time and it helps an individual to withstand or tolerate stress and combat fatigues which shows up in a newly strained muscle tissue. People who train regularly, withstand stress more than their counterparts who rarely engages in physical activities.

    A physically active or fit individual have the opportunity of enjoying ;

    1. Regulated body weight
    2. Diseases free life
    3. Mental load relieve
    4. Better sleep
    5. Improved and boasted sex life.