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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How can I boost my Brain power, function, processing speed, memory and IQ?

    Boast your Brain power, function, processing speed, memory and IQ
    Most people struggle with uncertainties about their performance and their abilities as well as how they measure up to others in school and workplace. You will notice that no matter how pretty or handsome you are, you always come across others who are brainy and smarter. People are more attracted to friends who are successful and intelligent. Do not despair; just consider these Huge Health Brain Boosters and you will see yourself in a more positive light.

    Huge Health Brain Boosters

     Eat foods that support improved brain performance

    Balanced diet offers bountiful benefits to brain and as such is a crucial requirement for any individual that yearns to boost brain performance. Glucose is a fuel that drives brain function and fasting or missing breakfast will not promote better performance. Water helps in thermo-regulation and homeostasis so not drinking enough water daily results in dehydration (accumulation of ions and waste products of metabolism in the body) thereby affecting brain functions. Derive natural benefits from food by sourcing nutrients from green leafy vegetable and fruits of varied colors. Milk, egg, fish, coconut, avocados, apples, blueberries, oranges can help people who experiences forgetfulness, lack of focus, confusion and lack mental clarity.

     Exercise regularly to help brain performance

    Leading a sedentary lifestyle will not help brain function as the brain performs better after exercise. Engaging in moderate/strenuous exercise for 30 minutes or more can improve cognitive processes. Exercise helps in hormonal regulation, increase blood flow to the brain, decrease the risk of cardiovascular related disorders like stroke.

                    Treat any disease condition early
    Treating a disease condition should be carried out immediately after diagnosis and physician’s prescription should be adhered to in order to protect health and wellbeing. Contact your doctor immediately any health condition emerges to avoid symptoms that may terminate or influence other tissue function. Report any abnormal side effects felt as a result of taking any drug to your physician.

    Eradicate unhealthy habits and lifestyles

    Drug abuse is never an option for healthy living, so abusing any substance results in toxicity and will affect the brain and other tissues of the body. Alcoholism for example impairs the uptake or absorption of important nutrients like the vitamins from the food which are required for better brain function. Though relationships has been reported to contribute to increased brain power and healthy living,  it can at the same time result in depressing conditions during misunderstanding so it advisable to relate consciously with collegues and mates. 

    Get enough sleep to help the brain perform well.

    Taking a nap while in the library or at workplace should not make you despair. Proper relaxation improves concentration, memory and alertness. Getting enough sleep can delay aging, improve wellbeing, enhance brain power, speed up brain processing time, extend memory and boost intelligent quotient (IQ). Errors are more likely to occur when the brain is over stressed.  Choose recreational activities that will help distract you from demanding tasks as this will help you return replenished. Activities like watching games and movies, playing video games, playing instruments, reading recreational books can help reduce mental stress thereby fostering concentration and long term memory.

    Practice learning to increase your IQ

    Pay undivided attention during seminars, workshops and lectures so as to get the major points written down. 
    • ·        Ask question where it is necessary
    • ·        Rehearse, meditate and brainstorm often to keep memory fresh
    • ·        Read anything and at any time
    • ·        Use visual images during study
    • ·        Practice long time reading
    • ·        Avoid procrastination
    • ·        Use personalized letters, rhymes and acronyms for easy learning
    • ·        Avoid multitasking rather schedule time for each task
    • ·        Rather than sit for too long,  practice different study positions
    • ·        Engage in brain games like crossword puzzles