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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Role of Sex Hormones in the Control of Vegetative and Metabolic Functions of Middle-Aged Women

Vincenzo Monda , Monica Salerno , Moscatelli Fiorenzo ,
Ines Villano , Andrea Viggiano , Francesco Sessa ,
Antonio I. Triggiani , Giuseppe Cibelli , Anna Valenzano ,
Gabriella Marsala , Christian Zammit , Maria Ruberto ,
Giovanni Messina , Marcellino Monda , Vincenzo De Luca and Antonietta Messina

In women's life, menopause is characterized by significant physiological changes often associated with an increase in body mass and obesity-associated sicknesses. Numerous researches described interdependencies of estrogen deficiency, aging, and resting energy expenditure (REE) downfall in the obesity correlated with the menopause.

The aim of this study was to determining whether healthy, obese menopausal women underwent HRT treatment, showed changes in their REE, autonomic asset, and assessment of oxidative stress in comparison with obese pre- and post-menopausal women.

In this study, we measured the body composition, the REE, the oxidative stress, the diet assimilation, and the autonomic nervous system activity in three groups: pre-menopause women ( n = 50), post-menopause women following hormone-replacement therapy (HRT; n = 50), and post-menopause women not following HRT (n = 50).

 In the group with HRT a significant increase of the sympathetic activity and REE was described. Finally this group showed a notable increment of oxidative stress compared with the others, and utilizing BIA instrument, the free fat mass was increased respect to the fat mass of obese women.

The study highlights the importance of the HRT-related physiological changes that influence body weight in menopause women. This results are important because have a practical implications for prevention and/or treatment of the obesity.